Voices of the Jazz Era Ballroom

Voices of the Jazz Era Ballroom is a grassroots, web-based oral history project devoted to preserving and passing on the memory of dance in the Jazz era through the lives and words of everyday people. This is your story—please contribute by talking with a parent or grandparent, neighbor, or friend and explore the archive to see how others have shared their stories.

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From the Rose Marie Crow collection

Rose Marie and Willard Crow on their wedding day in the late 1930s. They met at a "mixer" on the University of Washington campus around 1935, where they danced all night together. Rose Marie tells the story of meeting her husband in her transcribed…

From the Rose Marie Crow collection

Date of interview: April 11, 2010
Interviewee: Rose Marie Crow
Interviewer: Cheryl Crow (Rose Marie’s Granddaughter)
Birth year of interviewee: 1917
Permissions: Oral, given at beginning of interview.
Description: Below are excerpts about…