Voices of the Jazz Era Ballroom

Voices of the Jazz Era Ballroom is a grassroots, web-based oral history project devoted to preserving and passing on the memory of dance in the Jazz era through the lives and words of everyday people. This is your story—please contribute by talking with a parent or grandparent, neighbor, or friend and explore the archive to see how others have shared their stories.

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From the Lottie Brady collection

Lottie's sister Julie leaving their parents house on her wedding day. It was Polish tradition that the bride be paraded to the church by a band and her relatives. You can just make out the accordion player to the right of the frame. Lottie relates…

From the Donald Russ collection

A description of curious junk band, "Boon's Melody Bloodhounds" at the the Marema Dance Pavilion in the "favorite places" section of Donald Russ' 1926 South High School Yearbook. The names of several of the musicians can be paired with students…