Voices of the Jazz Era Ballroom

Voices of the Jazz Era Ballroom is a grassroots, web-based oral history project devoted to preserving and passing on the memory of dance in the Jazz era through the lives and words of everyday people. This is your story—please contribute by talking with a parent or grandparent, neighbor, or friend and explore the archive to see how others have shared their stories.

WWII Veteran Art Schultz, Blinded and Injured After Normandy, Reflects on Dancing as Rehabilitation and What Vets Need

From the Art Schultz Collection


Art Schultz


Kelly Porter




Phoenixville, PA


jitterbug, foxtrot


Big Band

Bands, Performers, and Artists

Sammy Kaye Orchestra

Other People

Pearl Schultz


dancing veterans, veterans, WAC, WWII

Contributed by Kelly Porter and Art Schultz

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